Reset Time

[Owner] Tomskied a posted Apr 24, 14

End of April is upon is, so here is the plan.  I have testing of the regen code to do today, and Tuesday and Wednesday, as I am participating in the Ludum Dare jame this weekend.  I hope everything to be done by Wednesday, if it is, which it should be, I will be backing up and then resetting the world to our new terrain.

tl:dr reset on Wednesday, I told you it would be the end of April ;)

[Noble] Beaver_Coneaver No problem! I had the same thing awhile back, so I know how you feel! Glad I could help you out! ...
[Set] CrazyLady615 Thanks Beaver! Yes, my computer did auto-update my game. So glad I can get back on c':
[Noble] Beaver_Coneaver Ahh, well, I think that has to do with he version your playing on. Skicraft still has the 1.7.2 update, (I bet your com ...