So long Skicraft!

[Owner] Tomskied a posted Aug 11, 14
So the time has come, for Skicraft to be retired.

I've always said that I'd keep the server online if people wanted to play it, and I believe I've kept to that to the best of my abilities.

All good things have to end, and after 3.5 years, it is Skicrafts time.

I'll be breifly going over the server history and things that are important to me, so if you aren't interested in that kind of stuff, dont read on!
I'll also be mentioning some players from time to time, please please please don't be offended if I don't mention you, I can only remember so many names off the top of my head and many many many players have been in and out!

Messyeater (ben) and I started the server just for us two as we were bored of playing on 'bad servers', and we thought to advertise it out so other people could join us.  It started to grow, much quicker than we expected, probably due to our talented abuse of the minecraft forums and having it whitelisted.  Soon Skicraft 1.0 was born, and players such as TNevin and the artist now known as MonogamousMonkey played.  This is the first time we saw Sneaky_Demise too, he was trouble to begin with, started breaking all our stuff, trying to break all our stuff; Ben soon tamed him.  

This world lasted a long time, but it was much more creative orientated, which didn't exist back then.  We built lots of structures and towns, and had a lot of fun messing around, but really wanted to play survival.  So the next iteration of Skicraft came about, which ended up being very temporary as we didn't structure anything particularlly well and were using some dodgey plugins that weren't up to scratch.  

That quickly went out, and we prepared for the new Skicraft. Skicraft 2.0, the last big iteration.
This time we spent time before we opened creating Varanir, and making sure joining the server was less strain on players/mods.  COUNT YER PUMPKINS.

Unbelievably, people cant count pumpkins, or read signs. Who'd a thunk it.

This new Skicraft led to a new wave of players, and Cali joined us.  Sexy building ahoy.

Towns expanded like crazy, towns fell like crazy. We started server games, and had lots of really fun weekends playing all kinds of games.  I started programming at this point, or at least trying to.  I've made 100+ plugins for the server since then, I released some of them for the public (PropHunt and PayPulse) for example. One of which had code stolen by one of the largest minecraft networks, and there wasn't anything I could do about it.  We had server towns/events/quests being made constantly and there was always the wonder of who Cali and Sneaky would kill in the wild next.  

Lots of drama, lots of he said she said, and ultimately a gay old time.  Who could ask for more? Not me.

There has been so many things that have happened on the server, too many to contain in a small blog post, and I dont want to start rambling so I will cut it short.

Special Thanks

Donators -

Ultimately, money plays a large role in keeping a game server alive.  Especially Minecraft servers, as they are resource hogs.  There are server fees, website fees, mumble server fees, server transfer fees, domain name fees.  Over 3 years worth of this, and it gets very pricey indeed. To give you some perspective, the median running cost per month for the server was £60 ($100) per month, not including the one off domain name/transfer/setup fees.  
At Skicraft's prime this was ~£80 to cope with player load.  Over 3 years, you can see how this racks up, and without donators there is no chance I could have kept the server alive.

Thank you to people that weren't in a position to donate, and showed their support with other means.
By not complaining about the donataion rewards, which may seem unfair from an non-donator perspective, but without some incentives to donate other than to support the server, we wouldn't have got nearly as much funding.
Posting on the forums.
Playing regularly and helping new players.

Mods -

Thank you to everyone that has been a Moderator on Skicraft, you guys had such a hand in making the server successful, and without your contributions Skicraft wouldn't have been able to make it to the 3+ years it has done.
Introducing new players and making sure the server is a safe and fun place to be was my #1 priority, and all you Mods made this possible, sometimes in your own little ways.

So thank you to the following people, for your patience, friendliness, support and dedication.

(This is not a complete list, if I have missed someone, please comment!)

CaliCaliCaliCali lol
KevinMongey117 < cheater
TouchMyTail >.>

Content Team -

An insane amount of time went into making games/areas/quests/towns to be enjoyed by everyone, with no incentive other than making the server fun and hoping other people would enjoy their work.  Every thing you see on the server that isn't player made is down to the content team, this includes trying to balance economies, deciding what shops go where, how much to sell, of what item, for what price.  What incentives should donators have, are they balanced, what perks should ranks get, what should the cost of towns/plots/taxes be.  These are a tiny fraction of the work that has gone into the server, and I cant thank you enough for the time that has been spent trying to make the server fun for everyone.

Sneaks And Kev -

Two world edit pros that helped shaped the early years of Skicraft, thanks for crashing the server so often and paving the way for Skicraft to grow. Lots of time helping new players and building with us in the early months, so thank you! <3

Cali -

He has spent a huge amount of time and effort trolling people, pissing people off, getting into arguments with people, turning peoples houses into turds, turning them upside down, wiping peoples inventories and just thoroughly being a pain in the arse, most of the time accidentally.

This is what Cali does/did for 0.001% of his time on the server.  The rest of the time is spent helping me, building beautiful cities and content on his own, building quests, events, plot lines, cleaning up towns, finding cheaters, banning abusers, muting trouble makers, making games for players, configuring horrible plugin files, and much much more.  Noblesse was almost entirely Cali's responsibility, as were Mob Arenas, and many of the server games and towns.  He is a very talented builder, which shows in his 3D work that he has shown me.   

Much of Skicraft's actual content is owed to a relatively small group of people, and Cali takes a huge chunk of that. I have had my diasgreements with him, and even through tough times he showed an extremely valuable person to have around, both for his talents and company. So thank you Cali.

Just some of the names that spring to mind when I think about the people that kept Skicraft going.

(I will miss out 90% of people that I'd include, these are the ones I can think of, so if you aren't on this list, and you are reading this, it should include you too!)

No order -
Sneaky, Kev, Koukou500, Dur, David, Kelly, NERD, Ivan, Magistar, TOMMY, boone, mud, Sparc, Alskelo, Dizzle touches kids, Sky, ben, bhd, Tnevin, kool, matty, Geo, chrispy, rae, raenjones, art, jenny, flash, Rabid, Beaver, Yoozle, beast, lordcopernicus, twodads, Snaccums, Jacob, Kaccha, erlend, worm, ave, Titan, rio, brend, bae, Rat, Neon, Sigrath, Wizard, ed, Carlos, Aqvelina, Kilana, Hawk, Wolf, taytaytaytay, Kur, Carter


Everyone has their own memories of Skicraft, friends they have made, enemies they have made :P, good times/builds.  Hopefully most of the memories are good, mine definitely are.

I lost interest in Minecraft 2 years ago, I became very frustrated with Mojang and bukkit from a developer and server admin perspective.  That was overshadowed by how awesome the Skicraft community is.  So many great people, of all ranks, all ages.  I am very priviledged to have been able to start a group that has had so many wonderful people join.  I wish I could write something about everyone that has played, it makes me very sad that I cant.

To you, thanks for playing, thanks for the work you put in, thanks for the laughs you have given me, thanks for the DDoSes.

Please keep in touch

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I'll keep the website up, and here are the map files, they are quite big, 4Gb ish.

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